Handcrafted Techniques

Celebrating the art of handmade clothing – slow fashion at it`s best.

Be introduced to the techniques we use to create garments that have been handmade
by artisans and people trained in their craft.


Our crochet is handmade with 100% cotton yarn, making the garment valuable and comfortable to wear.
We work with Balinese ladies, that have been doing crochet work for many years, they are working from their homes, so that they can take care of their families, and have no need to move from their villages in order to make an income.
We constantly develop new techniques and motifs with them, creating masterpieces and by supplying them with correct patterns and detailed information, we can assure best quality.


Embroidery can be done in different ways.
It can be done by hand, accentuating existing embroideries or pairing it with beading/crochet.
It can be done in a chain stitch technique, a more simple technique which is really pretty in contrast colors.
Traditionally, the Balinese have a cut out lace technique, where the motif is printed onto fabric. The artisan will follow the lines with the sewing machine, and will cut out parts of the motif with a scissor, and secure the opening with a mesh created by sewing. It`s called Kerawang and it used for the traditional woman`s outfit for ceremonies. Translated into a modern garment, it creates a vivid and unique detail that enhances the look of the clothing.


Handmade beading is a way of creating truly unique pieces, with so many different beads available, and our beaders being so meticulous and talented. There are glass beads, sequins, wooden beads, metal beads. Available in many colors to complement the garment.
Every sequin and bead is picked up individually with a needle and sewn on by hand, one by one.
It takes a lot of patience and passion from the ladies, that create those pieces in home manufacturing.

Natural Dye

A true sustainable option, all dye colors are made out of local leaves and woods. It is more limited in color because of that,
but it`s a natural way of dying without chemicals and contributing to the change into cleaner ways of producing clothing.
Paired with organic fabric, it`s a feel good product, that will hopefully one day become more common.


Batik is a broad description of different techniques, a coloring of fabric by hand, traditionally handmade. Tie dye is achieved by tieing a yarn around a fabric, and just dying that part in one color.
It can be done in certain motif, like round or spiral, or just straight lines. Dip dye is, when a garment is just dipped into another color from the hem, therefore has a different color only on hemline.
Wax Batik, is a technique, where a metal stamp with a motif, is dipped in hot wax, then stamped onto pre dyed fabric, hence covering the ground color with wax. The fabric will be overdyed, then the wax will be washed out and leaving the motif with the first color. A unique way of printing, giving the fabric a special feel and look.


Screen printing is handmade print technique, that can be done with a maximum of 6 colors on any natural fiber.
Artwork will be separated in the different colors, so each color is printed onto the fabric individually. Once one color is dry, the next color will be applied.
It gives a print a more unique feel, something that has been created by an artisan, taking care to print precisely in order to create a beautiful print for your garments.